about us

  I love the arts. I love Music, Literature, Movies, Painting, Fashion and of course....Photography. Most art is a way of expressing emotion. Whether it be yours or someone else's, art transposes all of the emotion into something beautiful and interpretive for all to enjoy. But the cool thing about Photography is it's actually freezing real moments. Split seconds. I love that. There is nothing like the look on the groom's face when he sees his bride for the first time....that split second where he truly doesn't know whether or not he's going to cry because she is just THAT beautiful. Or the sound of a mother's voice when she sees her family portrait and it takes her breath away- because for once, her active family actually sat still and all simultaneously looked at the camera just long enough for one click. She finally has her mantel portrait! Experiencing these moments is what makes all the hard work worth it. And I'm one of the very few in the world that can truly say, there isn't another job I'd rather have. Ok wait, maybe to be a food critic....thats a lot of free fancy food. 
I'm a mother of 3; two precious tween girls and a very active, brilliant (yet exhausting) 5 year old and a wife to a super handsome fella I met when I was 17. After spending a lovely 4 years in Miami, we are BACK in Tennessee and loving it! Cassie and I LOVE to travel, so if you're looking for a destination wedding team...PICK US PICK US! 



Hey there! I’m Cassie, co-ower of, and the “fix” in, Flash & Fix. If you're reading this, you’re considering trusting me with one of the most monumental days of your life. So who am I? 

I’m a girl who is very much in love with my childhood sweetheart, 20+ years later. I’m a mom to one darling girl who is equal parts fire and sugary sweetness.  Once upon a time, I was a first grade teacher (so I have no shortage of patience ;), I love dance parties in the car, a good glass of wine, oceans…..and the perfect party. But my passion is planning weddings. 

I LOVED my wedding and it is still one of my top two favorite days of my life. It was magical, stress free, memorable and everything I dreamed it would be the whole year we planned it. What I didn’t know was that the orchids I had imported were wilting in the June heat, my DJ had shown up without a table, and my 5 tier cake was melting. While I was drinking champagne with my girls, my wedding planner found a commercial fridge in town to house my flowers and cake until show time, grabbed a table from a neighbor for the DJ , and had everything set up before I would notice there was even an issue. I had NO idea…… because I had a fantastic wedding planner. Quickly finding creative solutions to inevitable issues, managing logistics of details and timelines, cultivating an atmosphere that reflects the unique vision that you have for your wedding day. This. Is. What. I. Do……I fix. So you don’t have to. Trust me with your most important moments so you can truly enjoy them, and Ang can capture them .